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Liliana Espinoza, a leader who uses NationBuilder, in a striped shirt smiling on a red background

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Liliana Espinoza uses NationBuilder at NALIP to run events, sign up members, and advocate for inclusion for Latinx people in film and television.

If you are organizing essential services or emergency response to COVID-19, activate your free account.

NationBuilder is the world’s only software for leaders.

Built to grow your community and move them to action, starting at $29/mo.

  • Inform every decision with integrated, real-time data

    Create lists, filters, and tags in a database that dynamically updates with every supporter interaction

  • Build your site in minutes with readymade themes & templates

    Inspire, capture, and seamlessly track actions across your site while prompting deeper community engagement

  • Send the right message with advanced communication tools

    Personalize email, text, and field outreach to supporters based on their interests and history with you

  • Raise more with fundraising pages & payment processing

    Seamlessly collect and process one-time and recurring donations to maximize contributions and streamline work

The future doesn’t happen to us.
People build it, together.

Effective leaders own their data, put people at the center, move them to action, and distribute leadership.

Photo of Ginna Green, a leader who uses our product, in a grey shirt and glasses, looking out the window
Ginna Green is the Chief Strategy Officer at Bend the Arc, an organization using NationBuilder to run a nationwide network of local Jewish advocacy.
Own your data

Own your database, control your destiny

To lead effectively, you need to know who wants to hear from you and how. A dynamic NationBuilder database comes equipped with advanced privacy tools that allow you to manage affirmative and specific communications consent across your website, run customized re-permissioning campaigns, and make a supporter’s data downloadable at their request.

Young woman surrounded by elements of a supporter profile: tags, her Twitter handle, leaderboard rank, and a comment she posted.
  • All your supporters in one place

    Import people from all your data sources into one complete system

  • Learn what people care about most

    Follow activity stream and use issue-based tagging

  • Stay equipped in the field

    Election tools help you capture local vote history and demographics

Put people at the center

Build relationships with your supporters at scale with targeted communications

Smart fields

Use dynamic data from your NationBuilder community to personalize emails as you write

Email with blocks reading “First name” and “Address city”, which turn into the name “Frances” and city “Santa Monica”


Use sophisticated filters and tags to identify the right people for audience and text blasts

Text messages to volunteer organizers: “Make sure you’ve downloaded the volunteer organizer kit”; Response: “Yay! Can’t wait!”

Email stats

Easily track metrics like opens, clickthroughs, bounces, unsubscribes, and spam reports

Animation showing people who opened an email being added to a list, and then sent another email asking them to attend a BBQ.
Portrait of Brian Rosenbaum, a leader who uses NationBuilder, against a yellow background, wearing a purple and white checked shirt.
Brian Rosenbaum is the board president of the volunteer-run Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Los Angeles and hosts mixers, workshops, and supports members in their professional development using NationBuilder.
Move people to action

Meet supporters where they are and guide them to the next step

Launch action pages in minutes with readymade templates for petitions, volunteers, events, donations, and more. Give supporters, donors, and volunteers seamless ways to engage with clear calls to action and social prompts throughout your site.

Brian Rosenbaum is the board president of the volunteer-run Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Los Angeles and hosts mixers, workshops, and supports members in their professional development using NationBuilder.

Portrait of Brian Rosenbaum, wearing a suit, standing in front of an enormous and beautiful black and white and pink mural in Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Bridge on- and offline efforts with SMS tools

    Texting short codes make supporter sign-ups more seamless in the field

  • Make volunteering easy

    Recruit volunteers and give them permissions to help run your campaign

  • Host events smoothly

    Collect RSVPs, sell tickets, and mark who attended your events

Distribute leadership

Grow your movement with trackable peer-to peer outreach

Permission sets

Customize your control panel for different types of volunteers based on their role

A scrolling list of criteria with check marks, including “Manage control panel users” and “Create and edit web pages”

Recruiter tracking

Equip your best advocates with links to track new supporters they bring in

Woman posts on Facebook that she is volunteering for an environmental organization, her friend signs up to join with her link

Volunteer management

Create customizable volunteer pages point people can use to organize on your behalf

In this animation, you see a supporter who is signing up to volunteer. As he does, he specifies what role he is able to contribute as a volunteer and when he is available.


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“Using NationBuilder, we were able to recruit new volunteers, make more GOTV phone calls than ever before... and, for the first time, send text reminders to urge people to get to the polls.”

Amanda Melillo

Deputy Director of Public
Affairs of the NYCCFB

NYC Votes

"Having NationBuilder is key, because you just can’t track all your relationships and their complete histories in a spreadsheet. When you have multiple people working on a project, having one place where all of that information is kept up to date is really important.”

Dahvi Wilson

Vice President of Public Affairs

Apex Clean Energy

"We picked NationBuilder because we wanted to be the tech-savvy campaign. We have a really interesting candidate... so our strategy was to get that message out there as many ways as we could in its purest form."

Zach Graumann

Campaign Manager for
Andrew Yang 2020

Andrew Yang 2020

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