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We did it again! We went live on Facebook to teach people simple tricks to “fake it til you make it” as a NationBuilder super organizer. In this video, we discuss 3 ways to use filtering to make yourself into an organizing genius.

  • Tagging people by their engagement with your Facebook posts
  • Understanding “relevant date range filtering” to help create donor re-engagement lists and maintain a healthy email list
  • Auto-tagging people using saved filters

You can watch the full video (15 minutes) on FaceBook, or if you're more the reading type, check out the key takeaways below!

First, Facebook post engagement tagging. You can quickly add a tag to anyone who liked a specific post of yours on Facebook. This is a great way to understand what people are interested in without having them fill out a survey or even come to your website.


Once you have the post-likers tagged, filter for people with that tag who’re also emailable, and personalize your communication accordingly! Pro-tip: make these tags topical, not super specific, to avoid tag library glut.

Second, we explore relative date range filters, starting with a quick filter that you can save for donor re-engagement. This filter reveals donors who haven’t donated within the last quarter, but who have interacted with you on social media or opened an email since their last donation:


Any past donor in this filter is still engaged with you, but probably just hasn’t received the appropriate ask. Now’s the time -- and remember, keep it personal!

Next, we show you we create another useful filter worth keeping saved: an active email subscriber filter. Creating an email sunset policy is one of the easiest tactics for ensuring your emails continue to land in supporter inboxes, and using a saved filter like this when targeting your blast makes sticking-to such a policy straight-forward.


Lastly, we review how to automatically tag people who match a set of saved filter criteria. This is an underutilized and hugely powerful feature, which you can read up on here. Start by finding the filter you saved and clicking the edit pencil. From there, you can set the auto tagging. Pro tip: tags will be removed from people who do not match these criteria, so make sure it’s not a tag already getting applied in another manner!

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