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[Webinar Recording] Connection Coalition - Movement Building & Supporter Engagement in the Age of Covid

NationBuilder makes software that powers movements around the globe, and the thousands of customers they serve include every type of leader you can imagine. They’re multi-chaptered organisations raising awareness for causes around the world; they’re grassroots nonprofits working to shape their cities and communities for the better; they’re citizens stepping up to run for office for the first time. Whether you’re impacting change as a nonprofit, advocacy group or association — now more than ever organisations are envisioning the future and building movements to impact change at national and global scales. They use NationBuilder to make it real.

In this webinar, the NationBuilder team reviewed:

  • NationBuilder as a founding member of the Connection Coalition 
  • Who is NationBuilder 
  • What is NationBuilder Software 
  • How do you find your leaders & build a movement for change
  • Raising money and connecting your supporters with your purpose
  • Q&A