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Error messaging not available on eWay direct donation failures

We are receiving a report that eWay direct is not reporting the error code for a donation message. The form submits, but no failure reason is given on the website and no failed chargemessage is visible. On the control panel, however, the payment problem displays a "Donate: " error message. The expected behavior is for the eWay direct integration to push a known failure reason per, both within the website and through the control panel.

One caveat is that after the first failure, you can eventually produce the error message. You do this by reattempting payment, this time under the /forms/donation page, and the transaction throws up the error message. For example, "invalid transaction".

Ideally, the error displays the first time so that users can rectify their issue, and so that donations are converted.


Thank you Abe I will pass this along to the finances team. 

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