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Signups occurring through basic page

We are receiving a report that signups are occurring through a basic page. This page should not be a vector for signups since it does not have a form. The pain point here is also that these signups are spam, and that the signups are cluttering the database/leading to increased hosting costs.




After some additional digging, we discovered that there was a signup form still hard-coded to the header, but only obfuscated by CSS. Since this form was not fully hidden through a liquid comment or deleted, unwanted signups were able to activate the form by unhiding the CSS attribute, and submitting through your page. 

To fully block signups, you can consider either fully deleting the form in your header, or hiding it through a liquid comment. We do not recommend the current setup with is basically hiding the form through a "display: none;" attribute under the <div class = "email-signup form"> in the tablet-and-desktop.scss file.

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