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Twitter duplicates

A user is observing that for several supporters in his database with Twitter data that there are several instances where Twitter data is being duplicated for these supporters on new profiles. The expected behavior would be for these duplicates to have never have occurred at all, unless those Twitter profiles had never existed in my database in the first place.

When the user encounters these duplicates, he manually merges them to fix the issue. However, he has seen the same issue recur periodically on the same set of profiles. He is concerned that this may be occurring on several profiles that he is not aware about, increasing the amount of duplicated data, and thus leading to a loss of database integrity and potentially increased costs.


Thanks Abe! This isn't something that we're able to recreate at the moment but definitely something we'd like to look into! If this is happening to you please follow and comment on this page and email details (please don't merge duplicates right away so we can look at them) to and reference this issue. 

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