"The main characteristic of a Remix is that it appropriates and changes other materials to create something new."

When I check into work every morning, I realize that a large part of my day will be spent supporting customers using a platform that's very much like me, a Remix. A convergence of different experiences, identities, and competencies.

In a vacuum, NationBuilder's is not unique on its own. Its a software startup. We have a fully stocked kitchen. The software includes an email tool, a website and a database.

Yet when you piece together these disparate components: the software, the people, and the leaders who use NationBuilder-- you get soul, and that's what makes NationBuilder different. That's what gets me excited about work every morning.


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The burst pipe issue with accessing ThemeSync is now fixed. Please email help@nationbuilder.com if you continue to have issues.
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(raises hands)!
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Here is a clue.

When I get people to clear their history it works. Seems like there is a
certain history combination that messes it up. May I suggest you try it on
a Safari browser with a lot of history and once you recreate the problem
you can sort through the history and remove it piece by piece to narrow it
down to the culprit. I don’t have time for that but you might find it worth
your while.
posted 2016-11-02 16:35:59 -0700