Accepting installment payments

Installment payments are only available on Donation pages using third-party payment processors. For US customers, we recommend using Donation (v2) pages to accept payments through NationBuilder

Installment payments allow donors to give your nation a finite amount of money during a finite period of time. For example, a donor can agree to give $450 in 24 installments, which means her credit card will be charged $18.75 every month for two years. Keep in mind that you cannot accept installment payments on the same donation page you process monthly donations.

Accepting installment payments

Activate installment payments under Donation settings > Basics.

1. Select the One-time payment radio button.

2. Check the allow_installments.png checkbox.

A dropdown menu will appear for you to select the maximum number of monthly installments you will accept. max_installments.png

You must select a number of months, up to 31, and then click Save settings for the installment option to be saved.

On the donation page, your donor will select the number of installment payments they would like from a dropdown menu.


To cancel a donor’s installment payment, follow the same steps as you would to cancel a monthly recurring donation.

If you are not seeing these options in Donation settings > Basics, you are probably using a custom theme created before this feature was available.

Issues on our radar

Monthly installment memberships renew with each payment
Quarterly installment plans try to process two payments for the last installment
Intermittent problems with installment based donation pages

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