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Add a button to an email blast

You can add clickable buttons to email blasts to send people to specific pages on your website. Buttons can be can be completely customized to determine size, color, call to action, link (to URL), etc.

Add a button to your email blast

Within your email blast (Communication > Broadcaster > Email > Edit button next to the email blast name > Content), find the + Add menu on your toolbar. Click on it and select Button. A pop up box will appear.

1. Enter the button text. For example, "Join us!" or "Donate!"

2. Input the URL of the page you want the button to take users to, i.e. your donation page, or volunteer page.

3. Select the color of the text on your button.

4. Select a background color for your button.

5. Width- you may need to change the width of the button to fit your text.

6. Border radius- this determines the roundness of your button. The higher the number, the rounder the edges will be.

7. Border color- you may want to select another color for the border of your button. 

8. Click Ok

Once created, you can use the alignment tools to place your button at left, center, or right, and edit fonts using the font buttons in the toolbar.

To delete a button, highlight the text on it and press delete.


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