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Hire a certified NationBuilder Architect, Developer or Agency

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does not work with: conservatives

Code Nation works with progressive advocates and organisations worldwide. We create websites that drive your supporters to take action, and we create custom digital tools that help build communities.


  • Theme design & implementation: Beautiful, responsive sites starting at $5,999 · $99/hour
  • Theme templates: $700 for template purchase. Setup and troubleshooting free; additional customisations from $99/hour: Learn more
  • SupporterBase app: Distributed, volunteer-led organizing: Learn more
  • API development: Custom apps and digital tools starting at $2,000 · $99/hour
  • Contact: [email protected] ·
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does not work with: conservatives

We do tactical design to ignite political and social movements.
Learn about our work.

  • Theme design & implementation: from $5,000
  • API development: $65 (non-profit) $75 (For-profit)
  • Full-service: Starting at $13K
  • Contact: [email protected] · · 415-800-2791
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does not work with: conservatives

Van City Studios is a full service digital creative agency. We work with the people and organizations who protect our planet and make the world a better place.

  • Theme design & implementation: contact us for a quote.
  • API development: flat rate per project, contact us for a quote.
  • Full-service: contact us for a quote.
  • Contact: [email protected] · · +1 833-977-1220
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does not work with: conservatives

We're a social impact agency with purpose.

Our team of strategists, technologists, organisers, developers & storytellers harness the latest technologies and tactics to build collective power to make change.

Our clients challenge the status quo, and we give them the tools to do it.

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does not work with: conservatives

Turbocharge your Nation with Progressive Nation. With our extensive knowledge of NationBuilder, stunning themes, and ongoing training & support, you'll experience what makes digital and data-rich nations succeed.

Note: All of our pricing is in Canadian dollars.

  • Subscription: Starting at $400 (one-time setup fee) + $55/month (incl Nationbuilder hosting)
  • API Development: $150/hour
  • Check out our unique and versatile subscription-based theme at
  • We also provide NationBuilder training, support, and custom tools to help progressive organizations, campaigns, and individuals achieve more!
  • Contact: [email protected] ·
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Case studies

RA2 helps campaigns succeed with campaign tech, public opinion research, data and behavioural science.

  • Theme design & implementation: starting at $5,000.
  • API development: contact us for a quote.
  • Contact: [email protected] ·
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Unique blend of politics, technology and enterprise that helps our clients grow movements and win public campaigns. Offices in London & Berlin.

  • Theme design & implementation: $5000 project minimum · $80-100/hour
  • API development: $80-100/hour
  • Full-service: Starting at $20K
  • Contact: [email protected] · tel: +44 (0)20 7112 9180 ·
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Social Benchers is a full-service NationBuilder agency working on themes, NationBuilder apps, and mobile apps for 7 years. Our team passionately works to empower champions of change with today’s most advanced tool on earth - NationBuilder.

  • Theme design: Mobile responsive themes starting at $999 · $30/hour
  • Readymade themes: Bunch of mobile-ready themes only at $499 
  • HandyNation App: NationBuilder control panel app for Canvassing, CRM, event RSVP/Check-in, CMS, and many more things to create your winning campaign with your mobile device. Learn more
  • API development: Custom APIs for survey/events/people/donation at just $35/hour
  • Full-service: starting at $1500
  • Contact:  [email protected] · 
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Whatever your cause, purpose or dream, we use NationBuilder to power your movement. Skyrocket. Ignite your audience, inspire action.

  • Theme design & implementation: Projects starting from $8,000 · $125/hour
  • API development: $175/hour ($160/hour for social impact organizations)
  • Contact: [email protected] · · 604-563-6330
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does not work with: conservatives

Content strategy, storytelling, world-class design, development, and data visualization for people and projects changing the world.

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Case studies

Datack is a French digital agency based in Marseille and Paris. Certified on NationBuilder since 2015, we provide strategy, design and data management for ambitious projects.

Datack est une agence française basée à Marseille et Paris. Certifiés NationBuilder depuis 2015, nous accompagnons nos clients dans leur stratégie numérique et réalisons des campagnes de mobilisation on line.

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We design relationship focused digital solutions for businesses, organizations, and campaigns; manage their implementation and adapt them to keep you ahead of the curve. Based in Toronto; building globally.

  • Theme design & implementation: Projects starting at $2,999
  • API development: $75 per hour, flat project fee negotiable
  • Full-service: Starting at $9,999
  • Contact: [email protected] · · 647-560-9271
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does not work with: conservatives

Our goal is simple…to help awesome organizations make the world a better place AND look damn good while doing it.

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does not work with: conservatives

Want a website that motivates action? Our award winning team have built more Australian NationBuilder sites than any other agency.

  • Theme design & implementation: Projects starting at $5,000 AU
  • API development: $200 AU/hour
  • Full-service: Starting at $5,000 AU
  • Contact: [email protected] · · +61 4 05040357
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