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Cian Prendiville — The script can be added at the bottom of the signup template. With scripts, you ideally want them above the closing tag in the layout.html file, but in this case, you can just place the script within your signup template here:
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Crystal -

The Pages > Yours tab is used to show all of the pages that you have created. On the other hand, the Pages > Active tab shows all of the pages that are currently marked as Active on your website. For example, if you have multiple people who manage your website, you can use the Pages > Yours tab to only see the pages you have created and you would not be able to see the pages that other folks have created who are managing your website. If you use the Pages > Active tab, you would be able to see all pages regardless of who created them.
posted 2017-05-02 11:38:27 -0700