Customer Engagement Manager, NationBuilder

Alex Stevens manages NationBuilder's digital communications and customer engagement marketing program. Before that, he was a Senior Community Strategist, responsible for account managing customers of all sizes, with a focus on folks using NationBuilder for progressive issue advocacy.

Prior to joining NationBuilder in 2014, Alex was a co-founding organizer of 99Rise (now Democracy Spring) where he served as national Online Organizing Coordinator; co-founder and Engagement Editor at Youngist, a youth-led indy media outlet; and a Strategic Nonviolence Trainer at the Center for the Working Poor. He's also worked on several candidate campaigns — but that wasn't really his jam.

Alex is a native of Denver and a graduate of Occidental College. He’s also a lapse slam poet, house music head, and fan of civil resistance flotsam & cyber-cultural jetsam.


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Totally see the value of adding some sort of “relative date range” criteria for events. In the meantime, Michelle, I think there’s a more streamlined workflow you could use moving forward:

Create a catch-all tag for events during a given date range (e.g. “Event-Attendee-2018”, or “Event-Attendee-Q1 2018”), and then configure all your future events to automatically add that tag to folks when they RSVP or are marked as having attended.

And, so that you/your team don’t have to remember to add that tag whenever a new event is created — you could just set that up at the Calendar-level by navigating to Calendar Settings > Event Settings, checking the “Enable event settings for this calendar page” box, then entering the desired tag(s) there. Then, when the time period elapses (e.g. it’s a new year, or new quarter), you just need to update that configuration.

That way, rather than having to add separate criteria for every event you’ve organized in the last 12 months, you can just use a single “Tags” criteria. Hope that helps!
posted 2018-03-26 11:49:11 -0700
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DSA isn’t a political party, it’s a socialist organization.
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