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Business Expenditure Offer

Hi, I’ve been reading about your work and I have an offer for you that I belive will enable you to make a lot of new customers. My name is Amir Shadmi, I’ve recently finished working as a parliamentary and Political advisor to one of the 120 Israeli Parliament members. My MK as well as 67 was elected through the primary election method. And as such she as well as her many companions can do great use of your products. Furthermore israel uses the parliamentary system that means that every election there are a few dozens of parties running for parliament. As The Israeli political system is characterized as a very unstable one, elections are not a rare occasion and occur every 2.5-3.5 years. If you add that to the fact that this years coming November 2018 there is also municipal elections, and that Israel is a major world force of innovation and high tech you can see how there’s virtually an unlimited potential for your firm’s products, services and insights. Therefore My offer to you is to consider opening up a branch of your company here in Israel. I’ll be happy to try and help make it happen using my connections and my expertise, because I believe political analytics and big data is the future of the field. Looking forward for your response. Sincerely, Amir Shadmi, +972 54 7 880 148 Tel Aviv, Israel

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