Repeatable volunteer sign-up forms

We need to be encouraging volunteers to sign up at different points and with different focuses (so we'll be using multiple volunteer sign-up pages) - but we still need a core list of volunteer options.  It would be a great time-saver if we could populate one central list of volunteer options and then choose to include that for each new volunteer page.

At the moment, doing it from scratch each time is a genuine pain point...;-)


I initially had it as one set list of volunteer roles across all volunteer signup pages, but that wasn't how people ended up using them because they would use it for specific things like "Host a house party on July 13th" instead of "Host a house party".  

With survey pages, I had the survey questions shared across all the survey pages and then you specified which ones to use on any given survey (so they could be shared), but people found that very confusing, so I ended up making the survey questions only apply to a given survey page.

So I didn't want to recreate that confusion when fixing the volunteer signup pages.  You can attach a tag to each role, so if you end up having three volunteer signup forms and you want "phone banking" on each one of them, you do have to create that role three times, but you can give all three of those the tag "phone banking" and be sure to keep your database clean.

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