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Unbranded or rebranded Admin Area

There is a link, an email link and a phone number at the bottom of the Admin area template that all go to NB. There are several problems I see with this, and a relatively simple solution. I would like to be able to either remove the links, or even better, replace them with our own information in the setup.

Here are a couple of the scenarios:

1 - We are out speaking with clients (and potential clients), and show them NB. When we go into the admin area, the client or potential client sees the link to NB on the bottom, and starts to think that they might not need us. I want to be able to build our own brand, and use NB as the value added tool that we use in the campaigns we work with.

2 - The link " or 213.394.4623" is an issue as we want our clients calling us, not NB. This might not be an issue for NB yet, but certainly, with hundredsor thousands of campaigns using NB during the next cycle, this is going to be a real issue for your support. We want to support our clients, and use NB to support us.

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I see, so this is probably why you don't want to have in the URL of donation pages too.  

Here's the general issue, from my perspective.  The single most important thing to me is that people who use NationBuilder have a good experience. If there is a problem, or they are confused, we really do try as hard as we can to both fix their particular issue, and then either make a tweak to the product, add an FAQ question, do a screencast, or in some way attempt to make it not be an issue for the next person.

This is why the email address and phone number is at the bottom of every page in the control panel. 

If there's another layer in between the people using NationBuilder and us, then that service experience starts to break down.  It could be as simple as you just don't know the answer, or it could take significantly longer to get to us because you will probably not have customer service coverage at odd hours, or you could flat out give inaccurate information.  Our team has given out inaccurate information ourselves by accident, and we're in constant communication all the time!

I'm quite confident that you can make clear the value to potential clients in having you involved. We are staying out of all consulting quite delibrately so you can build businesses with NationBuilder and not be competing with us.  We've even stopped doing custom themes since there are now enough other people who can do them. Adriel spends quite a bit of time making referrals to our growing network.  We deal with the tech infrastructure and you provide the strategy, messaging, branding and tactics to make them successful.

All of that said, I'm not ruling it out forever and ever. One thing that might be good for everyone is a co-branded control panel that would have your email and phone number, making it clear when to call you and when they should call us

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