Intelligent Knowledge Management

I founded Intelledgement (“intelligent knowledge management”) so that I could focus on helping organizations collect, organize, and distribute knowledge more effectively.

Intelligent management of your organization’s knowledge enables better and faster decisions, which in turn affords you a sharper competitive edge. We can analyze the informational needs of your corporate staff, sales force, consultants, partners, customers, prospects, investors, vendors, potential recruits, etcetera, etcetera. And then we can help you select and implement the processes and technologies required to collect, organize, update, and distribute the information that enables all those folks to interact optimally with each other in the conduct of your business.

Personally, my background is in publishing, marketing, and operations. My first job was for a simulations publishing company, and along the way I have designed and developed games, managed complex projects, recruited, hired, trained, and managed creative and technical personnel, designed internet/extranet/intranet websites, run a warehouse, managed direct mail and customer service operations, served as a corporate secretary and on boards of directors, built business plans, designed and written technical documentation and created and delivered training courses, coordinated construction of marketing collateral and sales presentations, lead corporate delegations at trade shows, authored licensing contracts for software and for games based on movies and books, developed and maintained licensing/maintenance pricing schema for complex product families, written a corporate policy on insider trading, served as executive director of a state political party, managed company softball teams (including one Raleigh city title), and had a lot of fun.

The odds are good that we can help your organization do what you do better. If you like what you do, then with a little help from us, you'll soon be having more fun, too!

Specialties: knowledge management, project management, personnel management, website design, pricing, technical documentation and training, simulation design, intellectual property law, licensing and licensing contracts, certified NationBuilder expert


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