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File your campaign financial disclosures with peace of mind

We’re excited to announce that we are now fully integrated with Blitzfile! Blitzfile helps you file your campaign financial disclosures with peace of mind. Blitzfile is a powerful software that creates accurate reports and a team of legal and campaign finance experts to assist. No more spreadsheets, no more manual entry-saving time and improving accuracy.


Blitzfile helps candidates and PAC managers to keep bank records organized. With Blitzfile, you have access to campaign finance experts who can answer your questions so you can avoid costly mistakes.


Blitzfile works using three simple steps:

  1.  Set up your account- Campaign finance experts help you set up your account, a link to process credit cards and merge your online financial accounts and payment sources.
  2. Receive donations and spend money- Donations are entered into your report in real time. Alerts let you know when data is missing so you can monitor campaign finance limits and be alerted to potential errors that will trigger error notices and fines from your jurisdiction's election agency.
  3. File your reports- Blitzfile creates your report in the layout specific for your jurisdiction.


Pricing: $39.99 per month- $650.00 per month based on your annual revenue


Contact: Jean Kordenbrock,, (517) 230-2554

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