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Allow users to access unpaginated arrays when developing websites on NationBuilder

When running a forloop in a NationBuilder page, many of the accessible arrays, such as the array of signups in a directory page, blog posts in a blog page, signup.donations, signup.recruits, etc.. are paginated to ~20 or so results. This is not a big issue with NationBuilder public themes, but it becomes an issue when trying to develop custom solutions for a site.

For example, I wanted to create a thermometer that uses a variable that was missing from NB: The number of donors that a signup has recruited. To accomplish this, I looped through array of signup.recruits and incremented a new variable by one for each recruit that "has_donated". That new variable was used to set the thermometer width. Unfortunately it will only work if the signup has recruited no more than 20 people, as the forloop only loops through the first 20 results in the array, due to pagination.

Suggestion: Allow web developers to access an unpaginated array. It would vastly broaden the possibilities of what could be done with the NationBuilder platform in a web dev sense.


Thanks Brian - it's great to have support from other below! Thank you for your suggestion and we will let you know if there are any updates. 

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