How do I edit the three buttons that show up on the homepage of the Victory Again theme?

The Victory Again theme is very popular amongst NationBuilder users and displays a unique element on the homepage:

This box is very useful and effective at driving site visitors to take action. However, user-control over the button text and what pages the buttons link to is limited. Similarly, some users decide to move that box to the bottom of the page. In any case, these types of changes can be made if you create a custom theme.

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This section is called the "Participate box" and is responsible for generating buttons for your site's default signup page, volunteer signup page and donation page (in that order). The text that appears inside each button is generated by the headlines of those pages and you can define which pages are listed as the defaults by going to Website > Pages > Defaults.

The code that generates this participate box is found in the Layout.html file and, in an unmodified theme, begins on line 109 and ends on line 192.



How to change the text of a button

The text inside each button is generated by the page's headline, so the best way to change the text is to change the headline of the page. However, if you do not want to do this because you like how the headline appears on that actual page, you can instead replace the Liquid variable on lines 39, 47 and 55 above. So to change the text of the signup button, I would just replace {{ site.signup_page.headline }} on line 39 with my text (with no brackets).


How to change the URL that a button leads to

Similarly, you can change the URL that a button sends users to when they click on it. This is useful because these buttons are only setup to work with Signup, Volunteer Signup and Donate pages by default. So if you'd like the "Donate" button to link to a redirect page or an ActBlue page, for example, you would need to make this edit.

To do this, you would replace the liquid variable on lines 39, 47 and 55 with your actual URL. So to change the URL that the donate button leads to, you would replace {{ site.donation_page.url }} on line 55 with your URL (with no brackets around it).

How to remove the Join field

If you'd like to keep the buttons but remove the Join field, you can do so by removing lines 64-79 in the code snippet above (which will likely be lines 172-187 in your Layout.html file).

How to move the participate box elsewhere on the page

If you would rather have the participate box show up at a different spot on the page, you can do so by by taking all of this code (lines 109-192 in your Layout.html file) and moving it somewhere else in your Layout.html file. For example, if you'd like it to show up beneath your page content, you can move it to below this part of the Layout.html file: 

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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