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When forced to sign-in upon visiting a page, I should be directed to that page after signing in

When you are redirected to a sign-in page when trying to view a page, you should be directed back to that page after signing in.


I go to but I am directed to a sign-in page because it is viewable only to logged-in users. So I enter my email and password and land on the site's homepage, but I should be brought back to instead. 


Update 02/12/2018:

We have updated this and it is working as expected! 

Update 9/8/2017:

We have received reports that customers are experiencing this issue again. If you're experiencing the issue too, please follow this and email specific details to

Update 5/19/2017:

This issue has been resolved.


Thank you Brian! This isn't something we have a timeline on but thank you for adding updates in the comments!

Also, related but different - Redirect users to a specific page upon logging in.

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