commented on Can you create a template file that overides the default one for a specific blog page only?
Hey Daniel – what you can do here is create a new partial template and name it something like “policies_blog_posts” and add in whatever classes, ID’s and Liquid you need. Then in your layout.html (or other theme-level) file, you can run a conditional that checks for the “policies” slug and marries the partial template with the “policies” post(s):
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commented on Bootstrap framework now available for building custom themes
Hey Brad – we’ll update the framework as new Bootstrap versions are released (i.e. from 3 to 4) but not on minor updates considering the significant overhaul required.
posted 2015-03-19 14:31:57 -0700
commented on To be, or not to be...a long-scroll theme
Great point, Ian. There are definitely ways to create a manageable structure of this in the control panel using subpages, but more content can equal more complexity. Use wisely.
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