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This would also be helpful for non-governmental elections such as workplace votes around unions.
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This project included moving 2500+ posts, radically redesigning the homepage, building a custom calendar widget, and in-person training for several staff members. We have also produced micro-sites, videos and strategic reports for this client.
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This answer is perplexing. The same logic for not deleting the number exists for home phone as for mobile. Why not have a bad number box for each of the phone numbers?
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To get around this in an instance where demanding people signing (for a survey asking students to talk about their experience with mental health issue while in school), we built a survey in Survey Monkey and embedded it into the site. Then we took any of the responses that volunteered contact information and imported them into the nation.

I know that building a community is the point of Nation Builder but there are some instances where demanding that people identify themselves is actually counter to building community.
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