Change 'considering' Public Issues to 'submitted'

We have for the past few years been marking Public Issues that come into this page as 'considering' to reflect that anything is possible and we may work on the issue. 

However, this has brought a bit of confusion as some suggestions, while totally great, don't fit into our product plans. Some others might be completed as a part of a larger product change, and others might be picked up by engineers while working on other projects. 

NationBuilder is complex and there is a lot of thought that goes into our changes and updates. Having all of our suggestion public is something that is unique to NationBuilder - personally I feel very strong about keeping everything public to allow our customers to have a dialogue about our product and help each other become successful. Your suggestions aren't going into a black hole - you can follow them and comment on them and you will receive updates if we have them. 

To make things a little more clear we are changing the default status of suggestions to 'submitted' - we read every suggestion & comment and take it into account but we aren't always able to get to each of them personally. 



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