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Some recent product updates:

  • You can now log a contact (via batch update, log on a person’s profile and send a 1x1 email) without specifying a path! This was originally intended to tie all communications to an engagement path - but that isn’t always necessary and was causing some unintentional path logging so we have removed the requirement.
  • When creating a survey the first question of the survey was always listed last as default - unless you noticed this and reordered your questions this could cause confusion when filling out the survey. This has been fixed - the first question will be listed first by default.
  • Public themes had an issue where if you were accepting user submitted blog posts there was some code showing up in the submit your blog box instead of the intended text - it looked both terrible and confusing! This has been fixed!
  • Speaking of themes - have you created a new theme recently? It takes around 15 minutes for themes to create - during that time you used to be able to access the theme while it was being created. This would stop the theme creation and result in broken and incomplete themes. We’ve removed the ability to do this and you can now only edit your theme once it has been fully created.
  • In the customized export screen the voting districts selector was only showing US voting districts - this wasn’t helpful to campaigns outside of the US. We’ve made the change where the customized export options will show the district labels available in your area.
  • Users who had been locked out of their nation due to late payments were able to log in and charge their current credit card but not update the credit card information, so you would have to contact support to help regain access. You are now able to update your credit card and charge a new one so you can get back to work on your nation quicker!


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