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Design, development, coaching and maintenance using NationBuilder and related tools

Hi! I'm no longer experting full time, but I'm always happy to talk about my experiences with NationBuilder and the evolution of online organizing. Contact me through my website or Linkedin.

I primarily work with HTML5, CSS/SCSS/SASS and the Liquid templating language. I use JavaScript libraries like React and jQuery for dynamic elements. I build custom HTML email templates and graphics for NationBuilder and Mailchimp. For goal-oriented websites, I run Google Optimize to test new features and configurations. For articles and events, I utilize AMP so content loads quickly on mobile devices. I use JSON-LD to structure data for search engine optimization, and configure advanced analytics tracking with Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager. On the creative side, I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, Canva, Tableau and Sketchbook Pro to produce graphics and data visualizations. I am an avid proponent of Mobile-First and Human-Centered Design.

I stay up to date on a range of technology trends, social media tools, and analytics platforms. I am always happy to talk about tech, communications, organizing, and the combination of the three, or offer advice to those interested in those fields.


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commented on How to use a Recruiting page to increase engagement
I’m brainstorming a few ways to introduce our users to the whole recruiter concept before employing it for a fundraising campaign.

Do you have any quick, fun ideas to prime an audience before launching a larger initiative?
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