Survey responses and paths: you can add, but you cannot remove/abandon

I've set up a survey on my NB site that our phone bank campaigners are using as part of a phone bank to call people on the "Become a Volunteer" path. One of the questions is 'How would you like to help the campaign'. They can answer 'canvassing', 'phone banking' etc etc. And depending on what affirmative answer they give the survey will add them to a path. I love this. But they respondents can also answer "No". In that case the call agent cannot take them off the path or mark them as 'abandoned'. As a work-around, I've set it up so that people who answer 'No' to the question 'Can you volunteer' are tagged as 'non-vols' and then after the canvass is done I can bulk-update them to remove them from the volunteer path. But it seems logical to me that if the survey giveth it should taketh away too. cmkl

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