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CallHub Collective Texting

CallHub Collective Texting

Use person to person text messaging for scalable 1-to-1 conversations with people

Use P2P text messaging for scalable 1-to-1 text conversations with people. Get more supporters to attend events, become volunteers, fundraise, get out the vote, and convert from prospects to supporters all through personalized text messages.

Peer-to-peer texting lets organizations send text messages to people with the help of volunteers.


Unlimited volunteer accounts for free. Pay as you go for texts sent and received.


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About the app

  • Increase response rates by 200% compared to email. As each conversation is managed by a volunteer, the texts are more personal and organic.
  • Collective texting is a pay as you go service. Pay as less as 1.6 cents per text ( US & CA rates ).
  • Rapid response: Collective texting is faster and more personal than broadcast.
  • TCPA compliant: Using Collective texting doesn't break regulation.

See CallHub in action on our recorded webinar from March 2018. 

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