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When you connect the apps you're using to build your movement, it can save a lot of time and make engaging your supporters easier.

Today, we're excited to launch our official Zapier integration! Zapier lets you automate day-to-day tasks across apps and workflows, with no coding required, so you can focus on leveling up your engagement efforts.

NationBuilder directly integrates with many popular apps, and now with our Zapier integration, you can automate processes between NationBuilder and 1,500+ other services, including Google Sheets, Eventbrite and Shopify.

Some of our favorite connections are listed below. We can't wait to see what you build.


Got an online store? If someone buys your branded merchandise, you need to engage with them differently to help carry your message forward. Use this zap so that when someone makes a purchase in Shopify, they're added to NationBuilder, with their purchase logged as a donation.


Planning a massive event? You need to enrich your attendee list and get a holistic overview of your supporters, but it doesn't have to be done manually. Use this zap so that every time someone registers for an Eventbrite event, they're added to NationBuilder.

Google Sheets

Got new volunteers? You want them on the ground recruiting new supporters, but maybe not in the control panel just yet. Distribute leadership and empower them with this zap, so that when new people are added to a Google Sheet row, they're added to NationBuilder.

and many more

Not familiar with Zapier? Check out our docs to help you get started.

Need a custom workflow? Book in time to talk to our professional services team.


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