Consider changing the status name of "considering' or add another status on this page

You may notice that most of the suggestions on this page are marked as 'considering.'

Officially this means - 

  • Considering: We might work on the issue but do not have a timeline (it's on the left of this page in the grey box!) 

Which was chosen specifically for suggestions that we do not want to rule out as possibilities. NationBuilder is a huge product and there are many great ideas in these archives (over 1600 actually).  

We reserve 'Not planned' for things that are a hard 'no.'

Once something is on the radar of our engineers and will be worked on in the near future it will go to 'planned' then to 'started' then to 'completed.'

There have been some requests to add another status for the long-running 'considering' suggestions that may not get addressed for a while, if at all (which doesn't mean it's a 'bad' suggestion it just means that it doesn't fit in with the way that NationBuilder is evolving).



I definitely want to manage expectations correctly - so if you'd like something between 'not planned' and 'considering' or something that feels more like 'seriously considering soon ish' please let us know! 

The goal is to make this page as useful as possible for everyone! 

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