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Lesson 1The organizing model

Learn the skills you need to run a digital fundraising campaign using the principles of organizing. Discover how each principle can help you maximize your own potential. 

  • The state of fundraising 2 comments
  • Organizing principles that change the game: Part 1 0 comments
  • Organizing principles that change the game: Part 2 0 comments

Lesson 2Put your people at the center

Learn how to build relationships that build impact. Personalize your asks to maximize the effectiveness of your outreach efforts and find out why every conversation is an opportunity for deeper engagement. 

  • A complete picture of your supporters 0 comments
  • Personalize your fundraising asks 0 comments
  • Build an engagement ladder 0 comments

Lesson 3Lead your people to action

Peer engagement matters – discover how it can help you outrank others who rely on traditional top-down fundraising. Take a look at the digital tools you’ll need to be successful.

  • Create a peer-to-peer fundraising strategy 0 comments
  • Implement a peer-to-peer fundraising strategy 0 comments

Lesson 4Build your campaign

Take the first steps in designing your own digital fundraising campaign. Learn how to tell your story and why people should give to your cause. Finally, optimize your tech infrastructure to prepare your campaign for rollout.

  • Design your giving campaign 2 comments
  • Execute your giving campaign 0 comments
  • Conclusion 2 comments