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Lesson 1Introduction to NationBuilder

Welcome to the Intro to NationBuilder course! This course will teach you the fundamental skills to navigate your nation. Learn how to leverage the power of your nation and build engagement with supporters.

  • Orientation to your nation 6 comments
  • Introduction to the control panel 0 comments

Lesson 2Action website

Your website is deeply social. When a supporter takes a action on your site – whether that is signing a petition, donating, or just subscribing to your email list – all the data gathered is synced back to your database. Use your website to track supporters and build action chains.

  • Impact of an action oriented website 1 comment
  • Build your first page 2 comments
  • Customize your content 3 comments
  • Create a volunteer page 1 comment
  • Curate your action settings 0 comments
  • Share your site 0 comments
  • Make the website your own 0 comments
  • Knowledge check 0 comments

Lesson 3People database

Your people database is the heart of your nation, composed of dynamic personal profiles that can be filtered and grouped for advanced targeting. It is where all your disparate data is unified in one space to create a complete picture of your community including who is engaged and how they are showing support.

  • Develop a dynamic database 2 comments
  • Uncover personal profiles 0 comments
  • Record your interactions 0 comments
  • Distribute leadership with permission settings 1 comment
  • Import your supporters 0 comments
  • Filter and target your audience 0 comments
  • Group profiles 2 comments
  • View your profiles from a different perspective 1 comment
  • Knowledge check 0 comments

Lesson 4Communications

Your nation’s communication tools allow you to reach out to your supporters across many different mediums. This way you can always reach the right person, with the right message at the right time.

  • Set up your broadcaster 0 comments
  • Email your supporters 1 comment
  • Personalize your blast 0 comments
  • Send your email 0 comments
  • Broaden your reach on social 0 comments
  • Build relationships on social 0 comments
  • Track your engagement 4 comments
  • Knowledge check 0 comments
  • Feedback Survey 0 comments