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Introduction to the control panel

Your control panel is the cockpit of your nation – it is where you can get a bird’s eye view of your nation, adjust the controls, and steer your direction. It is where you access all of your data and build your nation’s infrastructure.

Take some time to review each control panel section: People, Website, Communication, Finances, and Settings. Get familiar with the features and learn more about what you can do.

Lesson exercise

The first step in NationBuilder training is learning how to find relevant support documentation. We have an extensive support doc library that shows you how to do just about anything in your nation.

To start practicing, log into your control panel. Once logged in, you’ll see a dropdown option all the way to the right side of the blue navigation bar. Click “Support” and you’ll be taken directly to our support doc library.

Search for the following docs:

  • How to create and edit web pages
  • How to use page slugs
  • Types of NationBuilder pages

Note: Keep these docs open for the next lesson.