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Beyond beautiful donation pages, event ticket sales, and powerful sharing features, NationBuilder now bumps your fundraising strategy up a notch with our latest enhancement to supporter profiles: Personal Fundraising Pages.

You can now empower individual fundraisers to help crowdfund your campaign by letting them set their goal and track their progress right on their public profile page. What's more, anyone who donates from a public profile will be credited towards that supporter's total automatically.

If you devise a strategy for your organization around this idea of crowdfunding, you can activate your most loyal supporters to help raise the funds you need. 

All supporters need to fundraise for your nation is to:

  1. Set their goal.
  2. Encourage people to visit their profile page to donate.

You can also customize those pages to better tailor the experience to your supporters.

A great example is the Imagination Foundation, which was started after filmmaker Nirvan Mullick's short film Caine's Arcade went viral. Building off the enthusiasm, this nonprofit set out to "find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids." 


With the help of a NationBuilder Architect, they have created beautiful and effective personal profile pages where supporters can set fundraising goals, track their progress, and enter a pledge for when they reach their goal.

You can see Nirvan Mullick's donation goal on his profile live here

Learn more about setting up Personal Fundraising Pages.

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