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A simple date range filter for donations isn't available?

I'd like to search for donors who have given at least $100 in the last two years.

But I can't. I can search for donors. I can search for donations. But if I want to do a simple search for donors in a date range I have to export a donation search and do a pivot table in Excel? You've go to be kidding me. This seems like a basic, if not the most basic, of fundraising searches.

"Get me list of people who have donated generously this past year!"

Sorry, can't do it.

You should really fix this. It feels like a problem, not just a feature to come later.


You can actually accomplish this using group rows, thanks to a special feature of donation filters described here. Here's how:

Step 1: Open up the filter builder in People, add a Total amount donated criteria, toggle the range selector from "is" to "is greater than or equal to", and then enter "100" into the empty amount field.

Step 2: Click Add group row, and select Donation date:

Adding a group row to a donation filter

(Note: when adding a group row to a donation history criteria, you'll only be able to select from other donation history criteria. That's because each group row modifies the donation above it — it creates an "object search").

Step 3: Toggle the Donation date range selector from "is" to "is between", enter the desired 2-year date range, and then click Filter:

You'll notice that I turned up in the results, and as you can see that's because I donated $55 in 2018 and $50 in 2019:

Conversely, if you were to adjust that Donation Date range to start in 2019, my profile won't turn up in the results. Hope that helps!


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