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I testing it for the Oxfordshire Green Party, but disappointed that it has automatically associated the photo and details of a different David Newman with my profile.


commented on RSS Feed (How to display 3rd party feed). is down. What else can we use?
posted 2018-03-13 10:39:42 -0700
commented on Control panel users can't access multipage survey
This is something that affects and people completing a survey to apply to be an election candidate by tomorrow.

There is a simple quick fix that can be done while working on the underlying problem.

Display a warning message asking the user to sign in to the site before completing the form if it detects an email address of a control panel user. Then at least users will know what to do, rather than just scratching their head.
posted 2017-10-14 09:56:15 -0700
commented on Authentication records are properly set but showing up as Not Found in control panel
It happened to us on One of the external domains got reported correctly in the control panel, the other (a subdomain) did not. But emails using both sets of email addresses have the correct validation headers.
posted 2017-07-18 02:03:10 -0700
commented on Changeable permission set names, more sensible custom theme switching, proper county file id importing, and more product updates!
I have been experiencing this problem with having to supply a fake state in UK imports for over a year. I have complained and listed example imports to both the help@nationbuilder and our community strategist on multiple occasions. Whenever I map a csv column to county_file_id when defining an import, up pops a message insisting I include a county and a state. Somehow the message isn’t getting through the designers and coders.
posted 2017-02-03 06:30:22 -0800
commented on Event auto response email to include shift details
Just being able to say I look forward to meeting you at {shift time} would be a really good reminder in the email.
posted 2016-12-12 06:14:50 -0800
commented on Export Facebook data
Facebook numeric IDs are stored in the people database, but cannot be exported.

Yet when I want to create a custom Facebook audience for a Facebook advertisement, it is the numbers they want me to supply, not the names. So Facebook expect advertisers to manage those numbers.

This is really important for anyone running a political campaign, since after de-duplication we know the Facebook accounts of everyone in the register of electors in a constituency. So if I could export all the number Facebook IDs, I could then import the list into Facebook to create a custom audience for an advertisement.

Why is it urgent? The Witney by-election, where Larry (brother of Bernie) Sanders is standing is this Thursday 20 October.
posted 2016-10-16 16:50:46 -0700
commented on Need Captcha on event submission
This is now becoming more urgent. We are now getting spam on the volunteer sign up page of, putting links in the comment field.

We need to be able to add a Captcha to any form people can sign.
posted 2016-11-30 03:30:26 -0800
commented on Batch update clear voter ID fields
Note that currently, any imports with a voter ID overwrite a record with the same ID, even if it is a different person. So we end up with mangled records, with a new name and address, but with the support and contact details of the previous person. This leads to signficant data corruption. It is a serious risk.
posted 2016-08-01 05:53:45 -0700
tagged Ron Smith's doesn't render https content with Important
posted 2016-04-04 13:52:54 -0700
commented on How to use householding
Recently a 3rd export option has appeared. After People and Households, there is ‘Voter Ballots’. But I cannot find that documented anywhere.
posted 2016-04-03 14:07:02 -0700