Bad Email filter eliminates profiles containing bad and good emails

Topic: Bad Email Filter filters out profiles containing good and bad emails. 1 - In the case where any records have multiple email addresses in the profile some of which are bad and at least one is good. 2 - If one does a filter selecting “Email is not bad” 3 - Even though a profile as described in line 1 above contains at least one good email address, the profile will be eliminated from the filters results because it has at least one bad email address. Clarification from NB: "Because the bad email indicator is on the profile, the whole profile is flagged as a bad email. Request: 1 - Requesting NationBuilder be a bit more specific with it's filtering. 2- I'm quite sure this issue is explained in the support pages but if not please add explanation.


Gotcha David - thank you for reporting. We will let you know if there are any changes. 

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