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Improvements to Merge

I spend a LOT of time merging social profiles with voter profiles - maybe I am doing something wrong...

I'm sure there is some clever stuff that can be done with improving the duplicate detection but the low hanging fruit is to make it a lot easier to do the duplicate merge.  

From the  people, list  view there should be,   in addition to or instead of the pull down carrot in the top right, a checkbox that you can use to do things to checked records.   If  you check multiple records you should then be able to ... Merge, add to list , delete etc so that you don't have to operate on each record separately.    I can send a quick image of this...  

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Thanks Charles - there isn't a timeline to make any change to merging at the moment but this is very helpful. There are some other suggestions around merges that you might want to follow as well. 

Ability to merge duplicates outside the nation

Find merging matches by name only

Make it possible to move phone numbers into another field during a merge

Allow drag and drop to merge profiles




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