undefined method `current_site'

When sending an email blast using the liquid references {{ recipient.settings_url }} or {{ recipient.full_profile_url }}, I'm getting an error message that looks like this in the body of the email: Liquid error: undefined method `current_site' for nil:NilClass. What is happening here?


Hi Erin- 

It looks like this may be a bug. Email blasts should be able to identify the nation's primary website and use that site when displaying links to profiles and profile edit URLs, but it appears to be getting caught up here. Can you please email links to the email blast that you are working on to help@nationbuilder.com? This will help us determine the broadcaster, nation and site to look into and will help us investigate the cause of the issue.

Until this is fixed, you may want to replace those variables with links that have the domain hardcoded and use liquid solely for the recipient.id, like so:

Settings_URL: http://www.example.com/forms/signups/{{ recipient.id }}/edit

Full_profile_URL: http://www.example.com/{{ recipient.id }}

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