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Too many organizations are reinventing the wheel, spending thousands to develop custom engagement tools. Tested by some of the world’s most successful digital campaigners, NewMode’s community engagement tools are sophisticated, social and highly customizable. With NewMode's toolbox, your supporters can send letters to the editors of their five closest newspapers, send a notification to their elected representatives when they sign one of your petitions, and send form/custom letters to their elected representatives or corporate targets. Each tool embeds seamlessly in your action page and syncs data directly to your nation—including the specific actions your supporters have taken.

How to take advantage of this integration:

Once you have set up your account on NewMode’s platform at, follow these steps to complete the NationBuilder integration. Please note that if you are not an Enterprise or Network package NationBuilder customer you will need to contact our app manager at to enable API access so you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: As an administrator of your nation, navigate to “Settings” > “Developer” > “Register App” and enter the following into the form:


Step 2: Click “Register” and you should see a message that reads “Your app was successfully registered”. On the following screen, note your OAuth client ID and OAuth client secret.


Step 3: Login to your organization panel at and select “Create a Service”.


Step 4: Select “CRM” as the “Service Type”, and “NationBuilder” as the “Service Provider”. Enter the requested information in the menu that appears, including your nation slug and the Client ID and Client secret provided in your nation, from Step 2. Click Save. 


Step 5: On the following page, click the “Establish OAuth2 Connection” tab at the top right of the menu. You should see one of the following two success messages: “Success acquiring OAuth2 Access Token.” or “OAuth2 Access Token already available”.



Step 6: When you next create an embedded module, such as the automated letter-to-the-editor tool, select the NationBuilder service you just set up (under CRM Service), and all user data collected through the module will sync to your nation.


For modules where supporters are creating custom content, such as the letter-to-the-editor tool, the integration will even sync that content to a custom field in your nation.

To begin your account setup or request a demo, e-mail

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