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We're noticing a problem with the broadcasters and their accessibility. For example we want some people to be able to send mails from a specific broadcaster but not post on facebook. So we'd like to suggest to split the "mange broadcaster" in the permission set in "add broadcaster", "send mails from broadcasters", "post on facebook for broadcasters" and "post on twitter". Or even better it would be great to add the functionality on the broadcaster itself.

As there is this option: "Only this person can send messages". It would be great to split this in mail, post on facebook and tweet. A last request we'd like to add multiple people (lets say a list) to the "Only this person can send messages" option instead of just one person. Thanks


Thanks Enio - this is a great suggestion! For now you could have a separate broadcaster for your Facebook and Twitter so that you can only have people access the broadcaster with the email attached. 

I can also definitely see the value in having a way to allow a segment of your control panel users to email. We aren't working on permissions at the moment but will keep this in mind when we do. 

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