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Assign Political Capital for PATH Completion

In the settings section of any given PATH it would be helpful to our organization if we were given the option to also assign Political Capital to each PATH so the individual can be rewarded once it is completed. This might not always be necessary for every organization using Nationbuilder or for every PATH an organization creates, but for those it is applicable to it could end up creating major momentum showing participants that they are rewarded for their efforts. For instance on our website we have Phases for people to become more involved See: Your Action Plan On the front end they get the satisfaction of checking off the boxes. In the back-end we have them on the PATH assigned to the phase they are on, but it would be a "payoff" for both us as an organization and them as a participant if we could reward them automatically with Political Capital (aka Buzz Bucks on our site) when they are done (see: I think this would be especially helpful for non-for-profits who want to train volunteers. Businesses could also use it as a means to reward employees for being up to date on on new training or corporate announcements etc.


This is a great suggestion! Both paths and pc are so essential to NationBuilder it makes sense to give path completion pc. This is something we will consider but doesn't have a timeline at the moment.

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