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Automatic PATH Set-up

I am finding adding people manually to our main PATH (i.e. to be very time consuming. We want every registered account to automatically be put on our Phase 0 PATH when they create an account on our website. We want the site to do it for any person that interacts and joins the site regardless of what page they are on. In short if they make an account we want them to be set on our Phase 0 path. I think it is highly unreasonable to expect us to manually set it up on every page we create. Furthermore, we should not be hunting through people's Activity Stream to see where and how they joined our site just to get an idea of where they should be on our main PATH. Here is our current sitemap ,  our pages grow in number on a regular basis based on our users needs.  Given all of this information I am sure you understand our frustration and limited time. I know we can't be the only ones with this issue.


Thanks Nicole and thanks for sharing on social media! Updates to paths do not have a timeline at the moment but this information is helpful. 

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