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Option to receive less email on unsubscribe page

I'd like modify the email blast unsubscribe to include an option to 'receive less email'

I've got a big list, with some activists and some people only lightly connected. The people who are lightly connected I want to email maybe once every other month. The activists may get email every couple of days.

I can easily use Nationbuilder to let someone turn themselves into an activist, that's easy.

What I want to be able to do is find a way for someone to demote themselves from activist to lightly connected. I suspect the place that people will most likely make this choice is (unfortunately) at the unsubscribe stage. I don't want to lose the activists - I know that if they're at the unsubscribe page they're probably frustrated, and I want them to have a way to act on that frustration without losing them completely. Yeah, I know, I could use the same way that a person promoted themselves to an activist to demote themselves, but that's just not realistic to expect people to know they can do that.

So, rather than the unsubscribe link in the footer being a link that automatically unsubscribes them, I'd like it to go to a page with two buttons - one that says something like "Unsubscribe - no more email" and one that says "Send me less email" It's still safely within anti-spam best practices to have a confirm on the other side of an unsubscribe link - the link should still be personalized so it doesn't require a login. 

I'd want to keep it simple - none of this crazy "manage your subscriptions to our seventeen different newsletters" pages that Infoweek et al have. Just "Less email" and "No email" buttons (though if you were to build it such that someone who wanted to have the 17 different options could do so, more power to 'em) 

I know that in our targeting, we pick some people just too frequently but they had no way to give us that feedback - all they could do was unsubscribe. Even with a post-unsubscribe survey where they tell us "Too many emails", it's too late.


This is complete you can now edit your unsubscribe page to allow for multiple newsletter signups. 

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