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Unknown error when I try to create my donation goal

I'm trying to create a goal to raise $20,000 in donations by the end of this year. I'm using the "Donations" goal type. When I add $20,000 to the "Total amount donated" field and try to create the goal, a red box and the words "Cloning goal" appear at the top of the page. I also noticed that the "Donations" goal type is no longer available in the list of types and I'm being prompted to add a Path, however, I'm not trying to use this type of goal. I can't tell what I'm doing wrong.


Thanks for reporting Erin. I think the problem that you are running into is because of the dollar sign. Try taking out the dollar sign and saving. There should definitely be better error messaging around that problem. We will consider improving that error message to make it clear what needs to be corrected in the control panel.

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