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I know it's difficult for Americans to understand, but Canada is an officially-bilingual country with a population greater than that of California. This means that we are obligated to offer services to our members in both English and French. I need to stress to you that if you want NationBuilder clients in Canada, you need to offer equivalent services in both languages. That will most definitely mean a product change.

I would suggest you could start by adding French autoreponses when French-speaking Nationbuilder clients select the "ask for name/email/address" options for texting. This shouldn't be too too difficult, since Nationbuilder already offers Canadian versions of the autresponse for the "address" texting prompt (replacing "state" and "zip code" with "province" and "postal code") - although I note that's not working either and is causing a problem for us as well.

I'd really love to know when the "address" autoresponse prompt in texting changes to "province and postal code" instead of "state and zip code" - something I thought Nationbuilder was supposed to do automatically for Canadian customers. I'd also love to know when Nationbuilder will offer French-language autoresponse prompts for "name" "email" and "address" because until it does I will be unable to use that feature, which I pay for every month. 


Thanks Todd - I hear your frustration! There are quite a few places in the control panel that aren't fully translated. Once we begin work on this large project we will definitely let you know. Right now it's not on the roadmap for the near future, unfortunately.

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