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Expanded options for managing people tags

Tags in NationBuilder are a very simple feature, perhaps deceivingly so. They are an attribute of people in nations, but their use cases are so expansive that we've decided they deserve their own set of endpoints.

NationBuilder customers use tags to design complex and critical workflows - sometimes in conjunctions with large door-to-door and mail outreach programs. We could definitely see apps in the NationBuilder ecosystem built entirely around tag management - and now the People Tags API allows cleaner options for our developer partners.

You previously needed to know the existing tags on a person in order to properly update the list of tags in its entirety. With these new endpoints, you can now independently add and remove tags from a person, and specifically retrieve all of a person's tags using the new URLs.

See the our Tags API documentation for a more in depth description of this functionality:


If you have questions about this change, or about our API, please direct them to our Platform Director, Arion Hardison.

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