NationBuilder Experts

NationBuilder Experts are strategic thinkers and facilitators with unique skill sets to help communities organize online. 

Experts are certified NationBuilder users who are well versed in using NationBuilder's core features. They are available to help get data into your nation, set up workflows and can help you and your team make NationBuilder work for you. Experts can also help set up your front-facing websites and create a website flow that appeals to your supporters and specific needs.  

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Shawn Alain

Viral In Nature is Canada's award winning social media agency located in Calgary, Alberta. Capturing the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA for the benefit of our clients.

Alison Shuman Media

Nonprofit Liberal Business

Septembre Anderson

Nonprofit Liberal
Septembre Anderson is a front-end web developer with Toronto-based cStreet Campaigns.

Trevor Ash

Digital Associate at cStreet Campaigns

Jordan Bober

NationBuilding since 2011. Serial campaign manager and digital campaigner with federal, provincial, municipal and referendum campaigns under my belt.

Kevin Bourne

Media entrepreneur/Branding & communications expert

Jennifer Brown

Jim Burgraff

Yakov Butterfield

Lois Chan-Pedley

Nonprofit Liberal Business
Superstar Problem-Solver, Web Developer, Fundraiser, Wundermother. Owner of

Ryan Cole

Nonprofit Liberal Conservative Business
Director at Arke Marketing. Campaign Junkie. NationBuilder Fanatic, Architect, Expert.

Kendall Comstock

Chief Operations Officer & Director of Client Relations at BCom Solutions, LLC

Matthew Crain, MLS

Certified NationBuilder Expert and librarian with a professional background in records management and business intelligence.

Colleen Decker

Manager, Strategic Communications at CIJA

Eliezer Denes

Joel Dignam

Canberra-based NationBuilder expert+architect working on progressive campaigns

Brantley Eason

Nonprofit Conservative Business
Former NationBuilder employee bringing my expertise to campaigns, candidates, advocacy and business

Carlos Echegaray

Miranda Engberg

Web Administrator

Jaime Fisher

Fitz Wong

Nonprofit Liberal Conservative
Born in the big apple, I was always attracted to the loud and wild sport that is politics.  I love working with active campaigns to help better figure out strategies in order to...

Alex Flint

Lead Developer @ cStreet Campaigns

Heather Flynn

Joachim Garrick

Nicolas Gomez

Kayley Green

Maddy Hager

Digital Strategist/Content Manager

George Hammonds

I am a hard worker that doesn't mind putting in long hours to meet a deadline, yet I do enjoy a peaceful day at home watching a movie while on my laptop.

Emily Hennig

Ian Hines

Nonprofit Conservative Business
CEO of @HinesDigital. We provide strategy for leaders — helping campaigns, causes, and companies achieve their goals.