Features of a domain: web address and email

Your new domain gives you two powerful features: a web address all your own and the opportunity to create custom domain email addresses. Your domain registrar may offer both web hosting and email services in addition to registering your domain name. You don't need to pay for web hosting because that's included in NationBuilder. You can also use NationBuilder as your email provider with our mailboxes feature. Using NationBuilder as your email provider limits you to viewing email from within your nation's control panel. You wont be able to read your email on a mobile device and you can't create a private inbox. Given the limitations of using NationBuilder as your email provider, we recommend using a third-party email provider. While you can do this through your domain registrar, we recommend Google Apps. We use Google Apps and NationBuilder Mailboxes for our custom domain email addresses. 

Your web address includes the root domain (example.com), the www domain (www.example.com), and subdomains (word.example.com). Most websites are set up so that if you type example.com into a browser, you'll be redirected to www.example.com. Some browsers add the "www" for you. It's actually a technical process to connect your root domain to the www domain and involves creating a HTTP redirect in your DNS records. This is a major reason we recommend having NationBuilder host your DNS records. Secondary websites can be attached to subdomains (word.example.com) where "word" represents any word you place before ".example.com"