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Search for a person using their full name via API

The current API search endpoint allows you to find people using either their first name or last name as two seperate queries but not as a single query. This means you either have to: 1. Create a search interface where the user has to specify which part of the name they are search - The problem with this is a user can't search for a person using first name and last name 2. Use some tricky logic to do multiple searches and merge the results. - The problem with this approach is it is hard to implement logic that can handle multi-word organisation name, eg. "McDonalds South Florida" plus, having to do so many queries and merge them is very slow We would love to see a search that enabled a traditional search interface, like on where you can search for a first name or last name or a middle name or all three and you get appropriate results. Better yet, if you could search any of the parameters without specifying them (eg. email, externalID, etc)


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