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Product updates for the past two weeks! You can also filter by 'completed' on our Issues & Suggestion page to see these announcements as they are completed! 

We are working on updating events and are looking for beta testers and volunteers to give our Product Team feedback - if you are interested you can sign up and we will add you to the list! 

  • When deleting a record the flash message popped up for only a second - we fixed it so you have enough time to read the message.

  • Some nations set to English were seeing parts of their control panel in French - this has been fixed. Thank you to everyone who reported this on our suggestion page and in our Facebook Group.

  • NationBuilder notification emails were showing a broken image - they now include our logo as expected.

  • You are now able to filter by Township and Ward! You were always able to import by these fields but the data wasn’t exposed in the control panel. Not all of NationBuilder's voter data includes these fields at the moment, but they will be added in the next update of state data (where applicable). Please check our Voter Data status page to see when your state was last updated.


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